Become more creative and effective!
How do we help you to be more efficient and creative?
To be more efficient and creative you need to elaborate facilitation skills, use your creative potential and develop your inter- and intrapersonal relationships. Our tailored "menus" help you to develop all this in a personalised way enjoying it. Since all the "plates" are aligned with each other and usually  facilitated by the same facilitator or team of facilitators, who hence know your team very well, you get the maximum value out of it.

Boosting your efficiency through facilitation

Workshop Facilitation
We facilitate different kinds of workshops for you:  e.g. your vision, mission and strategy; creativity and innovation workshops, and other important topics you want to decide and elaborate efficently with a group.

Training of internal facilitators
We help you to develop a pool of internal facilitators for your "everyday dishes" and occasions when an internal facilitator makes more sense than an external facilitator.

How does faciliation à la creamundivity looks like?
We use a mix of "classical", visual/graphic and kinesthetic facilitation techniques according to the goals and needs of the group. We don't limit ourselves to certain concepts or techniques, but rather use creativity to adapt methods to your personal needs.
Besides we teach all of the techniques used also to your internal facilitators.

Creativity Trainings
Liberating and using your creative potential

In different trainings according to your personal development level and skills we train you in liberating and using the creative potential we all have inside of us.

Team Building
Developing your inter- and intrapersonal relationships

Only working on the level of creativity and facilitation skills en general is not enough to be a highly creative and efficient team.
That´s why we offer you  team building workshops and individual coaching sessions were we develop the specific inter- and intrapersonal relationships that occur  in your team and/or inside of you.


Do you, your team and organisation
want to be more creative and efficient?

Then it is a pleasure for us to prepare a menu especially for you!

"Especially for you" very important. Please note that we never cook the same menu and plates twice - everything you see on this website was prepared for a special occasion and specific people - your menu will be prepared according to your, your team's and organisation's personal needs and goals. 

Our basic ingredients and spices
Nevertheless there are three basic ingredients and spices, which we always use in our plates:

creativity, interaction and structure
detail, passion and love

We use them, because they are really powerful and for us it is not only important that you reach your goals, but also that you enjoy reaching them.

The benefits of a personalised menu
If you and your team really want to be more creative and efficient, you should always include all three basic ingredients in your plates. Furthermore it is more valuable and easier to digest if you enjoy the plates as part of a planned and personalised menu.
By planning a menu we adjust the quantity of the ingredients and plates according to your personal situation and development level.

Special menus for special occasions
Please also note: We don´t prepare everyday dishes - we prepare the special dishes for special occasions. But we don't leave you alone in your everyday live: We show you and help you to prepare the everyday plates - until you are able to cook them by your own.
Explore some of our highly delicious plates and get ideas for your personal menu
  1. asdsadasdasdas
    Facilitated Workshop - What goal do you want to reach together?
  2. asdsadasdasdas
    Team-Building - How do you want to improve your inter-and intrapersonal relationships?
  3. asdsadasdasdas
    Visualization & Graphic Facilitation Training - What do you want to make visible?

About creamundivity

Hi, I'm Dr. Mareike Plueschke and my mission is helping others to create the world they desire for themselves, as a company, team and individually.

That´s why I decided in 2016 after more than 10 years as an Inhouse-Facilitator and Trainer to realise a dream I've had for many years:
founding my own company - creamundivity.

You only get what I also apply for myself

In my workshops, trainings and coachings I only use and teach what I'm really convinced of, passionate about and which I also apply for myself.

Every training is a celebration - for you and for me

I have no idea why I love giving trainings. But I was always passionate about it - every training and workshop is like celebrating a "fiesta" for me, which I prepare with detail, passion and love. I want that my participants do not only reach the goals of a training or a workshop, but that they also enjoy it.

Facilitation is a challenge I really love

The first thing which really sticked to me at the beginning of my trainer career was the facilitation of groups. It was like founding "my method" and since then I include it also in my trainings.

I love facilitating groups, because it is very complex and always a challenge since people are involved. Furthermore you need at least three things, which I was born with:
a great portion of creativity,
a big amount of structure and
good observing skills paired with empathy for giving an honest feedback so that the group can reach its goals and develop itself.

Over the time I discovered that the group faciltation techniques also work very well for facilitating and coaching myself. Hence they are the basis not only for facilitating and developing teams, but also for my individual coaching sessions.


The second thing, which was like opening a barrel which didn't stop flowing, was the visualisation. And I can tell you, and possibly you won't believe me, but it is true: Until a few years ago I was convinced I cannot draw.
But this changed and now I use drawings and visual methods to express, develop and structure myself and to interact with others.

As a graphic recorder, graphic facilitator and coach it is a pleasure for me to help you to make hidden connections, structures and emotions visible so that you can develop yourself and reach your goals.

My languages

I was born and raised in the middle of Germany with no trace of foreign languages or any sign of internationality. Nevertheless I became a language maniac and started exploring the world by working in Hungary, studying in Estonia and right now living in Spain.

I love using all the foreign languages I "assimilated" during my life so far.

If you want to ensure that a certain training or workshop content is delivered or elaborated the same way in the different countries of your company - I'm the right person. Language matters - especially when it comes to emotions and relationships which are crucial for a team's success. Hence I use all my languages in favour of your goals and facilitate and train in German, English, Spanish, Catalan, Hungarian and Estonian. With international groups I'm just "flying" and if your mother tongue is another than the languages mentioned, try it out, I know some more languages with different levels and I enjoy developing them further.


I always have been creative and I love especially creating lampwork beads, jewelry and working with hot glass.

When I founded creamundivity I discovered that creativity is not only "my topic"for my spare time, but also as a trainer, facilitator and coach.

Generating ideas always has been so natural and easy for me that I never thought that it could be a challenge for others. But this is the reality: A lot of companies and individuals want to be more creative, but the circumstances do not favor creativity. But everybody of us is creative - it is just hidden. It makes me really happy to see when teams and inviduals liberate and use their creative potential with the help of my workshops and trainings.

What else? What about the name creamundivity?

I'm sure you have some ideas what is inside the I don't have to tell you. But what indeed I want to tell you:
I truly believe that everybody is the creator of his own world. And with the help of creativity, structure and interaction with others you are able to create the world you desire for yourself and together with others for your company and teams. And I know that it works, because I do it every day. And it is a pleasure for me to help you creating your world.

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